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CO2 laser cutting engraving machine
CO2 laser cutting engraving machine
CO2 laser cutting engraving machine
CO2 laser cutting engraving machine
CO2 laser cutting engraving machine
CO2 laser cutting engraving machine

CO2 laser cutting engraving machine


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CO2 laser cutting engraving machine

Co2 Laser Cutting Machine 150W for Acrylic and Wood Cutting: AS-1310 has 1300*1000 cutting area,aluminium blade table or honeycomb table,single or double cutting head. Better cut edge quality and accuray.

Flexible metal and non-metal cutting in a single machine

The AS-1310  is our baisheng laser  machine that will cut  non-metals such as acrylics, plywood paper ,pvc, bamboo,plastic and MDF.

the laser cutter  is perfect for educational establishments and businesses looking for a versatile laser which is enclosed in a cabinet .

Materials include: Paper, card, greyboard, acrylic, mylar, laser plywood, MDF, woods, engraving laminate, rubber, leather, fabrics, mild and no steel.

Material    Thickness    Cutting Speed

Acrylic    20mm    2mm/sec

MDF    12mm    5mm/sec

What is included:

CW5200 industrial water chiller unit

550w Extraction fan unit and 6″ diameter flexible hose – 2 pieces 1500mm long each (to vent to atmosphere)

RD/ Topwidsom Works Software

135w air compressor

Main Features:

1300 x 1000mm bed size/work size

Machine footprint 1910mm*1500mm*1180mm

80W 100w 120w 130w 150W co2 tube power availble 

Maximum cutting thickness : 20mm Acrylic

Recommended maximum  cutting thickness :12mm acrylic

Recommended Max engraving speed :200mm/s

Laser tube and brand:    Water cooled CO2 gas filled glass tube,CDWG or Reci 

Fixed height table : aluminum blade or honeycomb (optional)

 Motorised table : height adjustment – Z axis (table height) adjustment (optional)

Sawtooth bed for supporting a wide range of materials and weights-hard objects like acrylic ,pvc .plywood

High quality optics provide high accuracy, reliability and long life

Air assist to control heat and disperse smoke and debris around cutting nozzle

Water chiller to provide protection against failure of laser tube

enclosed cabinet  ensure maximum enclosure safety in case of smoke escaping only extraction by fan.

Drive system  :  Stepper motors  Leadshine China

Location precision   <0.01mm

Typical design software :   Adobe Illustrator,  AutoCAD, Corel Draw, 2D design

Preferred file types    .dxf, .plt

Operating system support    Windows XP, 7, 8, 10

Minimum character size    1.5mm x 1.5mm

Power supply    220V (or 110V) +/- 10% 50Hz (or 60Hz)

Machine interfaces    2 x USB (1 x USB cable for PC and 1 x USB socket for memory stick)

Lockable  cabinet doors, lid safety switch, separately keyed main power switch

Warranty   : 12 months for machine  excluding consumables (laser tube and optics)

Machine net weight 320kg

Packing weight : 400kg 

Please Note

Laser cutter details:

domestic China and overseas Saudic Arabia user jobshop:

 A big user from Saudic Arabia using dozens of Baisheng co2 laser cutter

Company Introduction

(factories ,office ,showroom ,and R&D center :Foshan Baisheng Laser Technology Co.,Ltd

(Guangzhou office /old headquarter) Guangzhou Baisheng Electron Technology Co.,Ltd

BS LASER  truely since 2004.110,000 sqm.500 crew 

Full series laser machine manufacturer.

500W-12000W/3015-6025 table /sheet and tube laser cutting,welding. professional tube laser cutting machine.

agents and dealers in most countries.

Standard Warranty :

one year for whole machine exclusive for consumables (like nozzles ,lens ,bellow cover ,tables slats etc)

Machine Installation and Training

no charge for any on-site user jobshop laser machine new installation and operators training.8-13days. Normal practice-machine buyer pays for seller-technician's  round-trip air tickets and local traffic ,accomodation  

Lead time:

depends on stock -15 days to 30days

Promotion Gift:availble during orders :15th Jun to 15th July

Prompt Contact:  

ALAN LIANG Whatsapp /Wechat /Mobile : +8615915835919


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